5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your CX Teams

Rob Sena
May 9, 2023

You want to scale. You have aggressive revenue goals for the year. But your customer success team can’t keep up with demand.  

You will never be able to achieve those goals if you ignore the roadblocks hindering your customer success org. It has become a critical component to business growth, evolving over the last few decades into proactive practice that reaches further than support alone. Customer success is just that: building strong relationships with your customers in such a way that you can anticipate challenges and drive adoption to keep your customers satisfied and in need of expanding the relationship (i.e. spending more). That’s right, you don’t want them to just want your offering, you want them to need it.  

With consumer complaints at an all-time high, having a knowledgeable, smooth customer success operation in SaaS, technology and other subscription model services is imperative. According to the latest National Consumer Rage Report 74% of consumers experience issues in the marketplace – much of this attributed to the increase of tech in our everyday lives. If you’re in the business of direct-to-consumer offerings – you may be nodding your head in agreement. You’ve noticed the influx of complaints and it has been hard to keep up. Even if you are not, as relationships with clients deepen, you must be able to offer a more specialized and personalized experience to avoid issues. While outsourcing may not always be the first solution you think of, it could be the most effective.  

Consider these five signs it might be time to consider an outsourcing model to replace or augment your current customer success function: 

You can’t keep up with growth.

Your organization has grown tremendously in a short amount of time. As you have brought on new customers, keeping up with demand has become increasingly more challenging. Teams are stretched thin, and burnout is setting in.

It’s time to consider a more flexible approach to scale up your customer success team without breaking the bank. The advantage to outsourcing is that it is easy to flex with business growth or downturns, adjusting workforce resources to meet demands. An effective outsourcing partner will work with you to create a solid plan to keep up with growth and implement a scalable process for operational efficiency.  

You need to zero-in on specializations but finding that talent is hard.

When you offer a technical solution, you need a team with a skillset balanced across technical acumen, personality to connect with the customer and problem-solving skills. You could undertake a massive hiring, but will you recruit those with the right skillset? It is easier to hand off the challenge of building a team to experts. Let an outsourcing partner recruit, secure, train and manage specialized talent. Additionally, partnering with an outside firm for these talent resources lends an opportunity for fresh perspective and adoption of new best practices.

Fixed costs are increasing. It’s time to find a more cost-effective solution.

When growth is the goal, you need to pull the reins to limit costs. Outsourcing allows you to access high-quality resources and talent at a reduced cost. A good outsourcing partner will work with you to create a team that acts as an extension of your business, aligning with your business culture, understanding your offerings, brand and operations to continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Whether the team is fully outsourced or supplements the in-house team is a strategy you will work through and develop together. Another benefit: it places the responsibility on the partner to offer a competitive compensation package and benefits.

The quality of the customer experience is suffering. complaints are on the uptick, internal processes are unraveling.

As the research states, complaints are at an all-time high. Some of that may be due to a slow response time. A quick response supports a more satisfactory customer experience. But it’s not just about time to respond, the response needs to be adequate and a sufficient attempt to resolve an inquiry. Take a SaaS customer success team, for example, they need to be able to dig deep to analyze customer adoption and have an understanding of the technical capabilities of the solution to better support a customer’s request. When you have a dedicated customer success team that responds, not only quickly but accurately, it goes above and beyond a customer’s expectations and reduces churn. This may not be a problem you can address internally if you don’t have a qualified team on hand with deep technical understanding. An outside partner not only offers strategy to reconfigure internal processes but provides the resources to put a plan into action.

You need to put more focus on core competencies to work towards business goals.

Get back to what you are good at to keep your competitive edge. Continue to innovate. Establishing a partnership with an outsourcing firm allows you to do this. Hand off areas out of your expertise with confidence they’re running efficiently, while also keeping overhead costs down. And it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, maybe you’re experiencing staff burnout in your onboarding and implementation team, but client renewals are humming along. This critical touch point for building credibility is suffering and you need to quickly resolve. This is where an outsourcing firm can come in and quickly augment.


JDA TSG are experts in the outsourcing industry, working with some of the biggest brands in the world to offer turnkey outsourced growth solutions for enterprise customer success teams. Our three-step process will help your customer success team support your revenue goals:   

  • Advise: develop a strategy based on your goals and drawing on our deep domain experience.  
  • Attract: find, hire, train and manage talent that aligns with the strategy and your business culture.  
  • Attain Success: we act as an extension of your team, managing your outsourced resources and staying in lockstep with your evolving business.  

Check out our case study to learn how JDA TSG helped a Fortune 15 company scale to meet growing demand. With JDA TSG you will break down barriers and compete at a higher level. 

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