Outsourced Business Process Services
for Breakthrough Results

Processes are the engines that power business growth. But even the best business processes have to evolve as markets change and opportunities to scale emerge.

JDA TSG’s Business Process Outsourcing services give enterprise-level organizations the agility and expertise to scale their platforms—and take the big bets that deliver huge returns.

Our flexible, multifaceted team can deliver the exact suite of business process services you need to capitalize on market opportunities—from strategic advisory and planning expertise to delivering fully managed teams with specialized skill sets. Every organization is unique, so no engagement is the same. We carefully build a program that fits your specific needs.

by The Numbers
75% Decrease in time to deliver critical resources
35% Reduction in cost per engagement

Our Services


Program Management & Delivery

A project or program will only be as successful as the managers who orchestrate it. At JDA TSG, we excel at designing, implementing and managing the business processes that will produce more powerful customer experiences—and help you build true competitive advantage. Why do so many of the world’s most iconic brands rely on our expertise and top-tier talent? Because we have an impressive track record of keeping our promises, solving the difficult problems and providing an exceptional client experience of our own.

We seek to understand not only your specific objectives but your company and culture, as well. Equipped with this insight upfront, we can deliver a solution that fits your organization organically and drives alignment.

Our dynamic team can help you reimagine key business operations and develop a clear roadmap to make it happen. Our program managers apply industry best practices to ensure your objectives are achieved and that project delivery is smooth and reliable. And our delivery teams bring the specialized skills and expertise it takes to drive urgency, accuracy, and success.

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Expert Talent

Our ability to find and retain top talent is a key factor in our success: it takes professionals of exceptional caliber to help enterprise-level clients deliver innovation and growth. At JDA TSG, we have developed a sophisticated program and professional network to attract and evaluate talent quickly—even the hard-to-find, specialized skills that many of our most demanding projects and programs require. We then carefully screen candidates for qualifications and personality, verify their credentials and licenses and take them through an extensive onboarding and training process.

Finding talent is not enough. Retaining our professionals is a very high priority, too. We work tirelessly to create a welcoming culture and workplace, one defined by respect, support, and work-life balance that keeps our talented people engaged and productive.

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