Program Management & Delivery

Program Management and Delivery:
Your New Competitive Advantage

Today’s leading brands require agility and on-demand expertise to execute complex, innovative programs at the speed of the marketplace.

We created JDA TSG to deliver top-caliber strategy, program management, and teams wherever our enterprise clients need them.

JDA TSG helps customer-experience-driven companies deliver high-priority initiatives and process improvements that keep them competitive and deliver faster growth. Whether we are supporting a project under your supervision or deploying a fully managed team to carry out a complex program from start to finish, we offer a solution-driven approach to program management and service delivery across a wide range of industries.

Program management delivery - JDA TSG

Why Choose Us?

We Embrace Unique
No two engagements are alike. So we build solutions to suit. While our high standards and program management delivery principles will never change, we design our programs to meet your unique situation and objectives. With a bench of experts that spans multiple disciplines and flexible, scalable options, we can operate in almost any program scenario. We can help you define the problem, design the solution and assemble the expert team to solve it.
All Industries Welcome
Our expertise and processes work in any industry setting. From finance to technology to sports and entertainment, we’ve delivered successful programs that really moved the needle. How do we do it? Because we collaborate intensely with our clients and do our due diligence up front, we’re able to close critical knowledge gaps and do what we do best—take ambitious projects to the finish line, fast.
Culture Matters
Our managers and delivery teams spend a great deal of time with your people, so personality and cultural fit are critical factors when we recruit and select professionals for your engagement.
We Measure for Success
You hire us to deliver, so we keep a keen eye on our team’s performance at every stage of the engagement. Using a defined set of tools and metrics, we track the quality of the program and our team’s ability to deliver. We not only monitor our professionals’ progress against key metrics, we are deeply focused on collaboration and continuous improvement for our clients, including greater efficiency, utilization of resources and customer engagement.
We Bring New Ideas
One of the greatest assets we bring to an engagement is fresh thinking and an outsider’s perspective. Our clients rely on this injection of new ideas and strong opinions—which we deliver with sensitivity, respect and collegiality.
How We Work
To solve a complex problem, we keep our approach simple. Our process comprises just five steps:
  1. We study the problem
  2. We develop processes and procedures to solve it
  3. We design an implementation strategy
  4. We develop an operational framework and select which metrics to track
  5. We monitor and report on the solution’s efficiency

Our Approach


While our overall approach may be simple, our program delivery process is sophisticated and smart. Here are just a few reasons JDA TSG performs at a high level:

Problem-solving expertise

We don’t just plug the holes—we fix the dam.

Time spent in due diligence

We dive deep into our clients, their operations and culture to ensure that our teams are the ideal fit.

Business process delivery expertise

We have an impressive track record of streamlining business processes across a wide range of industries.

Performance obsessed

Ongoing performance monitoring means fewer errors and an exceptional client experience.


We take responsibility at every stage, producing better outcomes and unlocking new opportunities in the marketplace.

A Big Picture Perspective


A program is a complex organism, one that has many interdependent parts that may reach across an organization. That’s why we step back periodically and evaluate the program as a whole and whether it is on track to achieve its objectives: Is our approach working? Are there opportunities to optimize the process?

We bring this “owner’s mentality” to every engagement, continually assessing the people, skills and cultural fit to ensure we are delivering on our promises.

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