Navigating 2024: The JDA TSG Leadership Team Shares Their Perspective on How Emerging Technology Will Continue to Play a Key Role

Alex Mortman
December 21, 2023


As 2023 comes to a close, the JDA TSG team is setting our sights on 2024. As we discussed in our recent blog on strategic planning for the coming year, 2024 could be one of the most unpredictable in recent history. With inflation still on the rise, ongoing geo-political uncertainty, and an election year ahead, businesses are having to make tough decisions on where to focus. One of the considerations for 2024 that is top of mind with our clients and team is the rise of emerging technology and how that plays a critical role in elevating effectiveness, team building, and highlighting value during the customer journey. 

A few members of our leadership team share their perspective on how technology will play a pivotal role impacting key areas within organizations in the coming year. 

Theme 1: Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction with the Integration of Technological Advancements    

“In the era of advancing artificial intelligence, large corporations face a pivotal challenge with balancing technological integration with employee satisfaction. As AI becomes an integral part of business operations, prioritizing the well-being and job satisfaction of employees is paramount. Fostering a workplace culture that embraces AI while ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills and support can not only enhance productivity but also create a harmonious transition as the future of the workplace continues to evolve,”  Jeff Givens, Chief Operating Officer.

Theme 2: Finding the Right Mix of Technology and Your Teams 

“I touched on AI in a recent blog post and when used properly it can offer dramatic productivity gains and even give organizations a competitive edge. Think 24/7 support and often instant gratification for the end user, and analytical capabilities to supply better/faster/personalized service to customers. While the intelligence behind the “I” in AI expands, it still lacks the emotion and flexibility of human intervention needed in most of the customer journey,” Rob Sena, Chief Revenue Officer.

Jon JosephTheme 3: Recruiting a Power Team 

“Artificial intelligence will become a meaningful factor in improving talent engagement when expanding and recruiting for power teams. The recruitment process across platforms will continue to evolve to incorporate technology and enhance our messaging and communications,” Jon Joseph, Executive Vice President, and Chief Talent Officer. 

Ann Piccirillo with JDA TSGTheme 4: Looking for Ways to Meaningfully Connect with Employees with Dynamic ChangE

“In today’s digitally driven world, change is constant. HR professionals stand at the nexus between business operations and the employee experience, this unique position provides the perspective of being able to navigate and manage the dynamic evolution of work and the impact of constant change on the people we hire. In this swiftly changing environment, leaders must continuously adapt to a landscape that meaningfully influences both the employee journey and the overarching organizational culture,” Ann Piccirillo, Senior VP of People Operations.  

Theme 5: Creating Efficiency and Optimization Leveraging Automation  

“Implementing automation will continue to be a major focus that allows teams to be freed up to focus on other key areas. Combining broader AI technology advancements in 2024, will round out these solutions to provide a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and an improved customer experience,” Rob Garden, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence and Applications. 

The JDA TSG team will continue to cover each of these areas more deeply in 2024 and how we are seeing the impact to organizations. JDA TSG are experts in supporting brands to deliver high-priority processes and planning improvement with a focus on growth during all phases of market uncertainty. 


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