Expert Talent

A Superior Recruiting Process
Gives You Every Advantage

Businesses that can quickly find and mobilize talent have a powerful competitive advantage.

At JDA TSG, we have developed one of the most successful recruiting processes to attract, vet and train top talent across a range of industries.

While we are not a staffing agency, we supply the managed teams and contingent talent many of the world’s top companies need to address urgent new priorities or deliver complex programs. We provide the infrastructure, leadership and experience so you can scale up quickly or drive your business in new directions.

How it Works

Our recruiting process is multifaceted. First, we draw on JDA TSG’s network of professionals, which gives us access to thousands of highly skilled experts. In parallel, we often deploy targeted recruiting campaigns online, on social media and across other channels to reach a large, highly qualified audience. Finally, we use a number of effective, proprietary methodologies to source even those difficult-to-find skill sets. Nobody finds top-caliber talent more quickly.

We Get to Know You

When bringing on an outsourced services team, you want the right skills and the right fit. That is why we invest the time to understand your organization, your culture and your specific needs.

We Do the Due Diligence

We take each candidate through a series of interviews, verify their credentials and licenses, and handle any client-required screening. Just as important, our recruiting process evaluates every individual for cultural and personality fit.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We take on all the administrative burden for you—from onboarding and training, to human resources and payroll, to performance reviews and coaching. You get a team that’s productive on the first day—and we handle all the logistics.

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