Philanthropy & Core Values

Committed to Corporate Community Involvement

We are a people-centered organization. And by extension, we are deeply interested in improving the places where our people live and work.

Our JDA Cares program makes it easy for our employees to give back to and participate in their communities.

We donate time and money to address our communities’ most urgent challenges. And through JDA Cares, we also partner with organizations that are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on our cities, towns, and fellow citizens.

The JDA Cares program is a committee run by employees interested in bettering our communities. Employees can submit a request to the committee to address a community need and the committee identifies the best way for JDA TSG to help with money, time, or both. Dependable and employee-driven, it is corporate community involvement at its best.

Our Company Core Values


We founded JDA TSG with a commitment to hire extraordinary people so that we could accomplish extraordinary things. To deliver on this vision requires a deep respect for our employees, partners and clients. Living our company’s core values has fueled our success—and the success of our clients.

We value our employees, partners and clients and treat them with respect as part of the JDA TSG family.
Your goals are our goals. We craft effective solutions that match your ambitions and power your possibilities. We think, plan, implement and deliver results.
We own the operation of our programs. That means we communicate clearly, take responsibility and monitor the performance of our teams and our impact on your business.
We measure ourselves against the highest ethical standards. We are honest and transparent in everything we do.
Passionate problem solvers, we encourage our professionals to embrace their natural curiosity and follow questions to their logical conclusions. Through curiosity, we uncover new perspectives, efficiencies and possibilities.
We believe there is always a better way. We encourage our team to seek the very best way to accomplish a task or goal.
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