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How JDA TSG Helped a Fortune 15 Giant Scale to Meet Growing Demand


With growth come challenges. When you are one of the largest companies in the world, the challenge of scaling to meet a strong increase in demand can be enormous. Sometimes it takes a newer firm with outsized ideas and a lot of courage to deliver the answer. 

The Challenge

A global Fortune 15 technology company was aggressively growing its portfolio of premier customer engineering clients—representing some of the most important brands in the world. But they were struggling to bridge the gap between technical team capacity and accelerated, scaling demand.

The company was taking months to address on-site service requests from its premium clients. In one case, a major financial services client had paid millions of dollars up front for services that could not be delivered for 94 days! This was an unsustainable situation—and was beginning to erode the trust of the tech company’s very best clients.

The Solution

In  2011, JDA TSG was a brand new firm when an industry colleague who worked at the tech giant introduced us to this challenge. When we asked why this was happening, the company didn’t have an answer. They simply didn’t know.

JDA TSG offered to analyze the problem and formulate a solution. Working in collaboration with key executives at the tech giant, we came to three main conclusions:

First, the company had difficulty matching forecasts of demand with forecasts of capacity—a process that is as much an art as a science.

Second, the company was slow at hiring. To find, vet, and train qualified engineers in a highly competitive marketplace was a challenge under ordinary circumstances. But when they had to scale up in a hurry, they had no path forward.

Third, the company’s sheer size and institutional inertia made it almost impossible to quickly transform major processes such as hiring and training. 

We determined that the only way to quickly find, evaluate and train new resources was to cut out the institutional white noise and outsource the entire program.

Naturally the company was deeply skeptical that an unknown startup could deliver the blue-chip-caliber personnel they needed in a short period of time. They were also doubtful that JDA TSG would be able to avoid the layers of bureaucracy that slowed down virtually every decision at the company. But eventually—with little hope for success—they agreed to fund a small test project: finding and training five new engineers. An opportunity was born.

Today, JDA TSG is the tech giant’s largest provider of premier customer engineers in North America. And now, JDA TSG has been tapped to bring these services to the company’s operations around the globe.:

  • A team of the highest-caliber customer engineers. JDA TSG uses a proprietary, proactive approach to attack the market and identify the right candidates. Then we thoroughly vet each candidate for personality, fit, skills and credentials.
  • A rapid training and deployment program. JDA TSG created a concentrated training program that provides all the information a new employee needs to serve demanding clients with efficiency and courtesy.
  • A powerful quality assurance program. JDA TSG was committed to delivering the high-quality service that customers expect from a Fortune 15 company. We built a quality assurance program that ensures that every customer engineer achieves the tech giant’s high standards.

The Results

JDA TSG’s ability to solve big problems, and its tenacity in the face of adversity, equipped it to address a predicament that, if left to fester, could have seriously damaged the company’s reputation. In addition, we were able to dramatically improve efficiency in key areas:

  • Reduced average time to hire from 143 days to 35 days
  • Reduced the time to onboard and train by 40%
  • Reduced total cost per engagement by 35%
  • Maintained or improved the client’s quality of support

Today, JDA TSG is the tech giant’s largest provider of premier customer engineers in North America. And now, JDA TSG has been tapped to bring these services to the company’s operations around the globe.

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