A Look Ahead: How to Navigate the Delicate Balance of Enhancing Your Business with Technology Without Losing the Human Touch

Alex Mortman
May 20, 2024

Our team just wrapped up Reuters Customer Experience West this week in San Diego – it was an honor to be able to provide JDA TSG’s perspective among other leaders who are at the forefront of defining the role of technology in enhancing the customer experience journey. Technology and AI are a permanent fixture in our landscape, reshaping not just how we interact with customers, but within the very fabric of our customer relationships. 

 Tim Maleeny recently pointed out in Fast Company, “Humans are digital tourists, not natives, and even millennials and GenZ are rediscovering the need for physical experiences and personal interactions.” This insight underscores the ongoing importance of balancing our digital advancements with the human element that truly connects and resonates with our customers. 

I’ve been working with our clients like Microsoft and Intuit for years to grow businesses, improve customer experiences and of course expand margins and it has been a consistent truth within these partnerships that harnessing the human element will continue to be a critical component in transforming businesses.  

At the event last week, I offered three predictions for the CX/CS industry over the next 5-10 years.. 

Theme 1: Get ready for a major onshoring wave 

As highlighted in our 2024 Predictions Blog, onshoring is still a rising theme this year and will continue to be in the coming years. Cost efficiency has its benefits, but it is eroding customer trust. While AI may absorb Tier 1 services, many companies mistakenly believe it can handle all levels of customer interaction. We are seeing a strong push towards local expertise for Tier 2 and Tier 3 services, as these areas require genuine engagement that AI is not ready to provide and may never fully achieve. 

Theme 2: The era of premium offerings is upon us 

As industries evolve, the demand for personalized, expert human support is not just growing—it is becoming a baseline expectation. Customers are ready to invest more in better service, and this shift is opening lucrative avenues for businesses that can deliver. 

Theme 3: The future will be defined by a battle for human capital 

Success will hinge on who can effectively attract and engage the most skilled professionals, those who work directly with today’s and tomorrow’s customers. 

From my perspective after 20 years in this industry, progressive companies leverage advanced technologies to streamline operations and enhance efficiencies. Successful companies do this but put the customer at the center. As we navigate these trends, it is crucial to remain agile, innovative, and adaptive to the changing demands of the global market. Want to take a deeper dive into these topics with our team – reach out to me to schedule a conversation.  


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