When to Consider Outsourcing Solutions to
Respond to the Great Resignation

Alex Mortman, Ann Piccirillo, Jeff Givens
June 21, 2022

Outsourcing solutions have always been a viable alternative to hiring in-house. When the pandemic hit, many companies had to lay off and/or furlough employees in response to the sharp decrease in their business. However, as the pandemic dragged on and the Great Resignation started, these companies realized they needed a more long-term strategy, and started to explore outsourcing, especially for IT and business process outsourcing.

The use of outsourcing solutions increased because they reduced costs by eliminating employee overhead and it helped bring new talent into organizations that needed to quickly add resources. Many of the outsourced resources brought new skills needed to keep businesses running remotely, a requirement the companies hadn’t faced before. Today, organizations look to outsourcing solutions in a variety of situations.

Internal Operations Are Not Structured to Scale Quickly

When companies need to respond quickly to a new market opportunity or a change in their customers’ requirements, it is not always possible if their internal processes and procedures are not structured to scale quickly. If you were in that position, you would have a few options.

  1.   Disregard the requirement. In this case, you’ve lost potential opportunities or provided poor support to your customers.
  2.   Start restructuring your internal processes to scale quickly. However, by the time you’ve accomplished that, the reason for doing it will most likely be invalid.
  3.   Use outsourcing solutions to find a firm that specializes in providing a quick response to new requirements and that can take over the entire business process. You will then be able to respond in a timely manner to opportunities and changing customer requirements, even if your own processes aren’t structured to scale quickly.

An Outside Perspective is Needed to Refine a Process

If you are responsible for the success of a business process, you are working as hard as you can to make it a success. But we know you’re always looking for opportunities to improve. In addition, a situation may arise where you must quickly increase the productivity of the process to meet new business or customer requirements.

If you are not seeing the potential for improving the process, it may be time to use outsourcing solutions to bring in an outside perspective. Partners that have expertise in business process reengineering can help you find the hidden opportunities. You could outsource the process for a predefined amount of time until you get past the issues that are blocking your progress or create a longer-term agreement since outsourcing provides a critical element of elasticity to your workforce strategy.

Expertise in Recruiting Specialized Skills is Needed

Recruiting the right talent is critical to keeping your business growing. However, especially in today’s environment, finding people with specialized skills can be a challenge. For example, there are talent pools such as Information Technology where the demand for talent is extremely high but finding the right talent can be difficult. Individuals with specialized skills are very discriminating when considering job opportunities. These individuals want to work for premier tech companies that are difficult to penetrate.

Attracting and hiring in this environment requires well-honed expertise in recruiting specialized or hard-to-find talent. Companies like JDA TSG must know how to market and recruit for companies so that candidates with the best skill sets want to work for the company. This is an advantage over companies recruiting for themselves without specialized recruiting expertise. In addition, working for an outsourcing firm offers advantages to the candidates because they can more easily penetrate premier tech firms.

Therefore, many companies are seeking an outsourcing partner with these specialized recruiting skills.

 When Recruiting Is Not Successful

As a result of the Great Transformation, potential employees are being very selective about the offers they will entertain. Their choices are not just based on compensation, although that is an important factor. They are also considering the culture, management, benefits such as remote work, and more.

If you are having more trouble recruiting the talent you need than you have in the past, it may be that you need to outsource a business process to a partner who has a proven track record in recruiting and retaining employees in a variety of industries.

When Resources Are Not Available to Manage a Process Internally

Often, a company does not have the resources to manage a process internally. It may be that the company does not have either the management expertise or the budget to acquire the right talent or both. You can find outsourcing solutions with a business process outsourcing firm that can establish a process and management structure to meet your requirements and often save you money overall.

When Resources Should Not Be Devoted to Managing a Process Internally

If you need to set up a new business process outside your core mission, it is often best to partner with an outside firm to manage the program. In that way, you are not taking the time required to develop the expertise you would need to run a process that is outside the scope of any of your existing senior management. If you do take the time, that change in focus will diminish success in your core operations. And, an experienced business process outsourcing firm will be able to keep your costs down.

Has the Great Resignation Affected Your Business?

Whether you have been impacted by the Great Resignation, or you want to avoid it in the future, it’s important that you know more about what caused it, the evolution in employee attitudes that led up to it, and strategies for managing or avoiding it. For answers, download our free guide, “Is It a Great Resignation or an Ongoing Transformation?”