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Mike Nuenke
Program Manager

Mike Nuenke

Mike joined JDA TSG in late 2019, with a specialty in building and integrating operational teams, and then mentoring, developing, and promoting the diverse talent within those teams. He is also skilled at creating efficient and effective processes to address key challenges, as well as identifying, conceptualizing, and leading operational reorganization and restructuring initiatives.

Whether working as the leader of a large international operational team or working as an individual business consultant, Mike has focused on operational effectiveness and control. This focus has paid dividends by revitalizing company performance, identifying fraud and recovering/mitigating losses, and improving operational effectiveness and efficiency.

In every position he’s held, Mike says, “My ability to break down processes, procedures, issues, and challenges into manageable components to facilitate a clearer understanding and pathway to resolution and improvement has been a critical skill.”

In combination with the ability to lead, communicate, and implement changes with minimal disruption, Mike has been able to make a significant contribution to JDA TSG clients. He also uses his formal legal education and the negotiation/mediation skills that came with it to solidify and enhance his skill set.

Mike sees several critical challenges that clients face, and he uses his background and expertise to assist them. For example, clients need to provide strong but flexible leadership and a keen ability to identify and develop talent critical to their success. In addition, his clients need to plan and project effectively while staying nimble and shifting gears quickly and effectively. Mike helps clients face these challenges by charting a path that minimizes operational disruptions while mitigating the inevitable potholes that arise along the way.

Along with his wife and dogs, Mike lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He enjoys fishing, tennis, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Over 30 years of leadership and operational experience
  • BBA Finance from the University of Texas
  • Law Degree from the University of Houston Law Center