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Corissa Nolen
Senior Program Manager

Corissa Nolen

As the Program Manager for JDA TSG’s Financial Software and Solutions program, Corissa is responsible for providing guidance to the Tax Preparation Operations & Relationship Managers. She is responsible for ensuring that JDA TSG’s teams are aligned with the Financial Software and Solutions program management in terms of how communications and initiatives are defined and carried out.

Corissa’s work at JDA TSG with the Financial Software and Solutions program has been very rewarding. The JDA TSG team has exceeded the internal service level numbers this Financial Software and Solutions program typically achieves. As a new initiative, the JDA TSG and the Financial Software and Solutions program teams are working together as partners to define what is successful and what isn’t.

When Corissa worked on a Fortune 15 Tech Company here at JDA TSG, one project she had was identifying clients that had purchased engineer hours. They were near the end of their contract so if the hours were not utilized they would lose them. JDA TSG analyzed the hours not being utilized and strategized ways that the global tech company team could present strategies and ideas to their customers to utilize those hours more efficiently, instead of letting them go to waste. This helped the global tech company solidify their reputation as a strategic partner to their clients.

Another key project she worked on while on the the global tech company account, working with the expense team, was building out all the processes and cleaning up the current structure. This provided senior management better metrics and a less tedious way for documentation.

Early in her career, Corissa worked in retail sales and in the billing department of a telecommunications company. Combining her analytics and service skills has driven her work throughout her career. At Citibank, she started as an admin and worked her way up to eventually managing her own team. She became a site leader and managed teams, worked with STEM, recruited at colleges, and built the team from 60-150 people. She also migrated high-class functions from New York City to Buffalo, where she was located.

Corissa is an expert in managing partner relationships. Clients come to JDA TSG for guidance on what works and what doesn’t. Her teams do an exceptional job of gathering information to answer those questions. When clients have an operations issue, Corissa and her teams are very skilled at finding the best way to tackle those issues.. It all comes down to how JDA TSG manages processes.

Corissa lives in Dallas, Texas and has two children, 22 and 18. In her spare time, she is an avid DIYer. She loves interior design and has remodeled every home she’s purchased to make it her own as a creative outlet.

  • Financial operations
  • Business process improvement
  • Technology
  • Assistant VP – Business Administration at Citibank
  • Vice President – Business Administration at Citibank
  • Senior Vice President – Business Administration at Citibank
  • Senior Vice President – Operations and Technology at Citibank
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