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Kevin Berry

Kevin  Berry

Kevin brings over 28 years of experience in the staffing industry. He is responsible for recruiting and account development, and he’s the perfect person for the job. His interpersonal skills are exceptional and enjoys the everyday interaction with both co-workers and clientele.

Before joining JDA TSG in 2021, Kevin led and managed business to business sales and information technology recruiting at all levels. He worked with clients to develop staffing initiatives and define roles to maximize the use of a company’s human resources. Kevin is experienced in developing market surveys and benchmarks for recruiting and effective recruiting processes. He has also worked to maintain applicant tracking systems.

At JDA TSG, Kevin has been instrumental in attracting hard-to-find talent to fill client requirements quickly. He knows that finding the right candidates can be a challenge and his ability to stay focused is one key to his success. He also finds that JDA TSG’s focus on supporting employees’ work is effective at attracting candidates with the highest skill levels.

Kevin was born in New York City and now lives with his wife in New Jersey.

  • Staffing, Internet Recruiting, Information Technology
  • Senior Vice President, EDP World
  • Bachelor of Science, American International College (Massachusetts)