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Jon Joseph
Executive Vice President & Chief Talent Officer

Jon Joseph

JJ brings over 20 years of Sales and Business Development Experience working in the Outsourcing and Media sectors. As the first employee of JDA TSG he has managed and overseen multiple revenue channels including: Recruiting/Talent Acquisition, Sales/Business Development and Account Management.

Starting his career at ADP then Viacom, JJ began working for Founder-led businesses in 2009, and never looked back. The transition has been incredibly rewarding. Early-stage companies force you to learn a lot of new skills, most significantly how to adapt and adjust tactics quickly to meet client needs. Being encouraged to develop and implement creative solutions rapidly is one of his favorite things about working at JDA TSG.

JJ knows that clients who work with JDA TSG don’t always come with easily defined projects. Typically, they are leaders of a business segment for a company, operating with great success, but want JDA TSG to help create efficiencies, both operational and financial.

In business, the path to transformation and process improvement isn’t always clear. Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes. JJ believes in failing fast and learning from every experience.

In overseeing Recruiting and Talent Acquisition, JJ constantly studies and engages with the marketplace to gain better insights about emerging trends or changes. He regularly refines how to best attract talent. For example, COVID forced a nearly immediate global transition to remote work, followed by the great resignation, and then a material shift in candidate expectations regarding work life balance. That meant adjusting JDA TSG’s strategies and processes to attract the caliber of talent JDA TSG clients expect.

JJ and his family live in New York City where he enjoys exploring the city, its museums, parks, and the many eclectic neighborhoods, especially its restaurants. Some of his favorite things include stand-up comedy, golf, binge-watching crime dramas while eating Chinese food.

  • Recruiting/Talent Acquisition
  • Sales
  • Account Management
  • BPO
  • Process Improvement
  • Eastern Division Manager, Paramount Pictures and CBS Television
  • Senior Vice President of Business Development, with 2 Business Process Outsourcing companies
  • BA from the University of Miami