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How a Top Financial Services Company Scaled its Team of Financial Advisors with Unprecedented Speed and Efficiency


A multi-billion dollar financial services company needed to expand its bench of US-based financial advisors to meet increased demand for one of its fastest growing programs. With a long history of growth, and plenty of runway ahead, the company sought a dependable partner to help it quickly and efficiently scale its financial advisory service. Out of a field of 24 competitors—including some of the largest firms in the business process outsourcing industry—the company selected JDA TSG as one of three finalists, to provide world-class program management, recruiting and training expertise, giving the organization more flexibility, agility and speed than ever before.

The Challenge

As its customer base grew, the company was searching for partners to help provide business process management expertise and strategic direction for roster staffing, training, and management of qualified remote financial advisors. Initially, the company hired three firms: JDA TSG and two nationally known financial advisory firms to recruit and manage the teams of financial advisors. Although JDA TSG had less experience in this industry, the team was chosen because of its many years of program management experience and deep understanding of highly technical processes and talent acquisition.

The Solution

JDA TSG takes a comprehensive approach and engages deeply with its clients to understand their business and their customers’ expectations. After taking a deep dive into the business processes and the challenges the company faced, JDA TSG went to work.

As part of its industry agnostic strategy, the first step JDA TSG took toward solving the problem was to hire highly qualified full-time managers who were experts in this industry. While those managers were coming up to speed, JDA TSG applied its proven recruiting process to quickly recruit qualified candidates. JDA TSG attended the client’s training, and as a fail-safe, developed a supplemental training program to ensure that it could train new hires, independent of the financial advisory company training.

Jeff Givens, Senior Vice President – Operations at JDA TSG, explains JDA TSG’s industry agnostic strategy this way: “Clients sometimes think that we need to be experts in every industry that we work in. But our services are applicable across industries. We have the expertise in program delivery, and where needed, we add industry experts to our team to give us the insight we need into the industry.”

The Results

The end of this story is yet to be written. But within the first six months JDA TSG had already delivered powerful new efficiencies:

  • Recruited 3 to 5 times more  financial advisors than its highly regarded industry competitors. These candidates were experienced and well prepared to deliver high-quality financial advisory services.
  • Identified an opportunity to streamline the onboarding and training process and, after demonstrating the new approach’s effectiveness, took over these functions, freeing the client to focus on its core competencies.
  • Significantly improved the company’s ability to quickly and efficiently scale its financial advisory service.

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