2024 Planning: Don’t Let Market Uncertainty Drive Underinvestment in Your Customer Experience

Rob Sena
November 16, 2023

Strategic planning season is officially underway and for many companies 2024 may be one of the most unpredictable in recent history. With inflation still on the rise, ongoing geo-political uncertainty, and an election year ahead, businesses are having to make tough decisions on where to make their bets for the year ahead.  

Many of our clients have been speaking to us about how to ensure they maintain the level of customer support they have built over the last few years. The most progressive of companies have looked at economic turbulence as an opportunity to differentiate rather than an excuse to pull back.  

But how do they remain bullish on customer experience AND mitigate risk?  


The rise of emerging technologies like AI, predicative analytics, etc. have grown exponentially in a brief time and can play an integral part in elevating effectiveness and highlighting value during the customer journey. While enhancing the customer experience, these technologies create process efficiencies by freeing up internal teams to focus on immediate client issues and can be a valuable consideration to the planning process. In a recent post, Strategic Synergy. Integrating Generative AI to Optimize Customer Engagement and Support. we covered the benefits and considerations when integrating technology into your workforce. 


Embracing external partnerships and leveraging the benefits of outsourcing solutions has been another strategy companies have leveraged to navigate market uncertainties while maintaining a superior customer experience. As highlighted in The Rise of Outsourcing. Driving Growth in a Fragile Market this approach can provide the flexibility to generate and execute innovative ideas, the ability to scale your workforce up and down based on financial performance to drive toward greater operational efficiencies, reduce overhead costs, and accelerate growth. This approach supports a longer-term strategy that can grow and adapt to ever-changing market conditions and business goals. 

As business leaders face this uncertainty, it is critical to find the right outsourcing solutions partner to help consider this optimization as part of your strategic plan. JDA TSG are experts in supporting brands to deliver high-priority processes and planning improvement with a focus on growth during all phases of market uncertainty. 

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