What Makes So Many IT Engineers Choose JDA TSG?

Alex Mortman, Jon Joseph
October 18, 2021

If you want to take your IT Engineer career to the next level, you need to find a company that is as dedicated to your career growth as you are.  That’s what you’ll find at JDA TSG.

How Does JDA TSG Help You Take Your IT ENGINEER Career to the Next Level?

It’s easy for a company to say they will help you supercharge your career, but not many companies can back up that claim like JDA TSG.

The Management & Current IT Engineer Team at JDA TSG:

Check out these current JDA TSG Employee Testimonials within our IT Engineer team:

How many times have you heard a commitment like that from a CEO? Or, a statement like this from one of the senior management team: “Alex takes time to meet with each of his employees.” When was the last time you met with the CEO at your current job?

The Company Philosophy

You can also learn a lot from a company’s philosophies. Here’s a summary of JDA TSG’s core values:

  • Integrity – reflected in high ethical standards
  • Curiosity – passionate problem solvers, looking for ways to do things smarter, better, faster
  • Family – treating employees, customers, and partners with respect
  • Commitment – Thinking, planning, implementing, and delivering results
  • Accountability – reflected in rigorous standards
  • Innovation – Finding solutions that surpass expectations

These values were written by leaders who understand what’s important to their employees, customers, and partners. They’re written by leaders who know what they’re doing and how to do it very well.

How Can You Tell if You’re a Match with JDA TSG?

Jon Joseph (JJ), Executive Vice President, says that he looks for a combination of passion and professionalism in the Customer Engineers he hires. If you’re passionate about your work, you may be a match. And, you’ll experience a host of benefits when you work at JDA TSG.

Check out this current JDA TSG CE Employee Testimonial:

  • You won’t be sitting in a cubicle all-day
  • You’ll enjoy the freedom to make decisions and work collaboratively with colleagues and customers
  • You’ll be able to work in your preferred area of expertise, but you’ll have opportunities to expand your knowledge and learn new things
  • You’ll be working with high-profile customers to help them meet mission-critical challenges
  • You’ll be challenged by working with some of the smartest colleagues and customers you’ve ever met
  • You’ll be working to get better at what you do and to become the go-to expert in your field
  • You’ll be supported by company leaders to become the best you can be

You’ll also be a critical part of the success that JDA TSG achieves. As JJ said, “We take tremendous pride and satisfaction in getting to know the people who work here because those people represent who we are in the marketplace.”

If you talk to anyone at JDA TSG, they’ll tell you that if you’re a good engineer, being a Customer Engineer at JDA TSG will make you a great IT engineer!

JDA TSG Gives You the Freedom to Grow

The truth about working in the IT industry is that if you’re not learning, you’ll get left behind. If you’re an experienced IT engineer with a history of providing enterprise support who wants to avoid becoming obsolete, and who wants to stretch your abilities and make a difference, you should contact JDA TSG today.

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