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Wendell Wilkins
Program Manager

Wendell Wilkins

As the Program Manager for one of the Fortune 15 Tech Company teams at JDA TSG, Wendell is responsible for exceeding our clients’ expectations by developing and maintaining a team of technical engineers, consultants, and project managers. In that role, he provides direction for the team members to meet predefined goals. He is also responsible for managing the team, tracking performance data, and finding opportunities for operational improvements.

Wendell’s background includes experience in developing onboarding and training processes and providing training classes. He’s established successful vendor relationships to get paid to repair company equipment and distribute e-readers and content to schools.

As a long-time remote worker, Wendell has honed his skills at finding solutions to a range of problems. And he can easily work with his team on the best approaches to working remotely.

His customers often face the challenges of tracking assets and purchasing and repairing equipment. They also have frequent challenges managing engineers. Wendell’s friendly personality makes him easy to talk to. In addition, he has an analytical nature and is good at looking at situations and finding solutions. This quickly makes him his customers’ go-to expert.

Wendell lives with his family of seven in Central Florida. He enjoys spending time with his family especially because his children’s interests keep him busy outside of work. When he does have spare time, he enjoys camping, woodworking, and different crafts.

  • Technical engineering
  • Project management
  • Coaching
  • Employee of the Year 2011, Charter Schools USA
  • Assistant Manager of IT – IT Operations Manager – Charter Schools USA