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Natalie Ratleff
Program Manager

Natalie Ratleff

As the Program Manager for one of the Tax Preparation teams at JDA TSG, Natalie is responsible for interviewing candidates, selecting the best team members, and nurturing the team of seasonal tax preparers. In that role, she provides direction for the team members to meet predefined goals that will achieve our client’s objectives. She is also responsible for tracking performance data, coaching the team members, and finding opportunities for improving operations.

Natalie has extensive experience in choosing the right team members to meet her objectives. She carefully evaluates a candidate from many perspectives including cultural fit, language skills, and even posture to ensure that the candidate she hires will be a good match for the client. As a problem-solver, Natalie honed her skills raising five daughters as a single parent. She learned to find a balance between nurturing and disciplining. Her philosophy is to expect effort not perfection, and to teach optimism by always looking on the bright side. As a result, she produced five college graduates who are well rounded and productive members of her life and society.

Most of Natalie’s customers face the challenge of the push into the digital world. She’s aware of the challenges many people face using tax preparation software. Her customers are always impressed with her kindness, patience, and respect for their situation. She becomes their go-to professional and friend.

She is a grandmother, but she is called “Glammy” because she always wears red lipstick. She loves to go thrift store shopping so that she can turn someone else’s “no” into her “yes.” She also enjoys reading and researching anything and everything.

  • Tax preparation
  • Customer relations
  • Certificates of longevity from the State of Ohio