Human Intervention in the Age of Automation: Optimizing Technology Without Losing

the Personal Touch


JDA TSG recently spoke at the recent Reuters Customer Service & Experience West Conference. Key themes covered:  

  • Discover how human expertise remains irreplaceable for achieving deep customer satisfaction and loyalty, even as we increasingly leverage advanced technology.
  • Gain insights from successful case studies that illustrate the seamless integration of human insight and digital tools, showcasing how this synergy creates a more responsive, empathetic, and efficient customer service ecosystem.
  • Explore how top brands have built team structures — in-house and outsourced —to help them scale their business and still deliver for their customers during organizational transformation.


JDA TSG is a professional services firm focused exclusively on the highly specialized need for human intervention along the digital customer journey. 

We partner with some of the elite brands in the world, developing and managing teams of specialized practitioners, technical experts and Cx consultants to navigate the complex interactions between digital and human touch points. 

Whether it’s mitigating friction in the customer journey, building operational processes to empower employees, or augmenting technical support teams, JDA TSG experts have been there in the trenches and now pass on that knowledge to our global clients. 

We are an end-to-end service, managing the recruitment, training, and operations of our teams, working in close coordination to ensure our performance is linked to your success.