Delivering exceptional human customer experiences in an increasingly challenging market environment.

At JDA TSG, we partner with the most progressive Fintech organizations to transform their CX organizations, focusing on delivering the human touch into their customers’ experiences. We help companies scale, while remaining agile enough to react to changing demand

JDA TSG helps Fintech companies:

Gain Control Of Your Most Critical CX Interactions
Many Customer Experience leaders have seen the backlash of outsourced and offshore service impact their customer satisfaction and NPS scores and ultimately their ability to retain customers long-term. As leaders assess which aspects are most critical to the customer experience, JDA TSG is there to help recruit, train, onboard, and operate exceptional teams in close coordination with company leadership and day-to-day execution teams.

De-Risk Critical Investments
Your company moves at nano speed and you have competing risks to mitigate along the way. Fixed costs, cost to migrate, quality control. We have helped companies alleviate these concerns.

Find Talent, Now!
The competition for people has become intense. It reached an alarming rate, impacting companies’ ability to serve their customers and grow effectively. JDA TSG attracts and retains top-tier talent. We know how to find and keep truly impressive people, and we have a long track record of delivering the expertise our clients need.

Protect Your Brand
We know that every time a customer interacts with you, it affects their view of your brand. We have proven we can honor that goal with the most valued brands in the world.



Why do many of the world’s top brands rely on JDA TSG to move major initiatives forward? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We are NOT a traditional BPO. While others “offer” the entire suite of CX services, recent history has shown that they have been ineffective in delivering on all aspects. That’s where JDA TSG comes in. We are purpose-built to serve the exact needs of our clients.
  • Bringing back the human touch. We know that as companies strive towards a frictionless and primarily automated CX journey, there are inevitable gaps in the process that require human intervention. JDA TSG specializes in building teams with that unique skillset at the intersection of technical knowledge and customer empathy.
  • We think like owners. Forever entrepreneurs, we think and push ourselves so that our clients, big or small can execute with agility and speed—even on a global scale.
  • Fintech is in our blood. We have worked in this space for years, helping shape the Cx strategy and execution plans of one of the most successful fintech companies in the world.
  • Trust. In the end, we embrace your strategy and business objectives. Then we deliver day after day like our futures depends on it. Because it does.
  • Unique agility. We flex when you need it. We design every engagement to address your organization’s unique environment. And when conditions change, we adjust alongside you.


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