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Steven Jacob
Program Manager

Steven Jacob

As the Program Manager for one of the Tax Preparation teams at JDA TSG, Steven is responsible for exceeding our clients’ expectations by developing and maintaining a team of seasonal tax preparers. In that role, he provides direction for the team members to meet predefined goals. He is also responsible for managing the team, tracking performance data, and finding opportunities for operational improvements.

Steven brings strong tax technology expertise to his role at JDA TSG. In one project, he used tax technology to reduce the time to complete the tax preparation and review process by 750 hours. He’s also been involved in the selection and implementation of new tax software for an entity with over 400 subsidiaries.

With a broad perspective on tax issues, Steven has used his MBA, JD, and CPA credentials along with his experience in working with customers to develop problem solving skills useful in a variety of tax engagements. His background allows him to analyze a customer’s issues from many angles.

This is especially important because Steven’s customers are facing changes in economics and federal and state tax laws. They also suffer from seeing too many conflicting sources of information. Steven helps them meet those challenges by staying current on the laws and using his expertise to explain how those laws affect his customers. He is also prepared to coach his team to do the same.

Steven enjoys gardening and learning in his spare time. He’s also a board member in his community, working to preserve the historic classification of the neighborhood.

  • Tax preparation
  • Tax technology
  • Presented at two CorpTax annual user meetings that attract over 1,000 attendees nationwide
  • Presented Excel seminars to accounting firms