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Christy West
Program Manager

Christy West

As the Program Manager for one of the Tax Preparation teams at JDA TSG, Christy is responsible for exceeding our clients’ expectations by developing and maintaining a team of seasonal tax preparers. In that role, she provides direction for the team members to meet predefined goals. She is also responsible for managing the team, tracking performance data, and finding opportunities for operational improvements.

Christy has successfully restructured internal Enrolled Agent training documents to improve overall participation from non-credentialed employees. Christy received two degrees that influence her role here at JDA TSG.  

Her degree in accounting helped her to understand business management and law, which are things that no one can learn through experience. Christy’s degree in Adult Education prepared her to understand how adults absorb information, which is crucial for her coaching activities.

Christy is skilled at working with mid- to lower-income clients who often face issues with money management and understanding their finances. As a trainer and Enrolled Agent, Christy is successful in helping clients understand their finances and how that relates to their tax situation. She can educate clients on terms that may be more complicated and the technology that is available to help them improve their situation. 

Christy is a wife and mother of two and has three bonus daughters. She is the cool aunt and the baby of her siblings. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, shopping, movies, crafting with her Cricut, documentaries, binge watching television series, dancing, and spending time with her family. 

  • Tax preparation
  • Finance
  • Adult education
  • Coaching
  • Vice President recognition for effective peer to peer communication and support