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Ching Li
Senior Program Manager, Lead Technical Systems Administrator

Ching Li

As the Senior Program Manager, Lead Technical Systems Administrator for the Premier Pro Sports League IT project at JDA TSG, Ching is responsible for exceeding our client’s expectations by consolidating and managing their extensive IT operations. She brings over 20 years of experience in the tech industry to the challenges faced by the Premier Pro Sports League.

Ching’s first challenge was consolidating the Premier Pro Sports League data centers and moving them to a central location. The project required comprehensive planning and coordination to make the move to a staging environment to deploy hundreds of systems in one month. The systems covered both the business and the broadcasting side of the Premier Pro Sports League. Ching was able to meet the deadlines for the move, even though the Premier Pro Sports League was in the middle of its active season.

Having been exposed to a variety of industries and their related IT challenges, Ching can take a holistic approach in dealing with IT issues. Ching knows that an understanding of a business’ challenges is required to make good technology decisions. She’s seen too many situations where businesses simply throw technology at their challenges without understanding the core issues that need to be resolved. That approach typically results in eliminating that technology and starting over.

Ching finds that the biggest hurdle her clients face is bridging the gap between software, hardware, and business process challenges. She is skilled at helping her clients understand the constraints of the technology and helping them choose the right path.

Her clients also face human resource constraints, and she helps them decide how they can use technology to cover the scale and volume of services they need to provide without straining their resources. As Ching says, “It’s not always about the technology solution, but being able to help the client understand where their constraints are.”

A memorable example of Ching’s philosophy was being recognized when she helped lead an IT staff through a union strike at a healthcare institution. The IT team had been made part of the union and was forced to join the strike. She worked with the IT staff to make contingency plans to replace the IT workers during the strike. She had to replace approximately 10 IT employees, meaning she had to recruit, train, and deploy these employees in an extremely short period of time. The interim employees were able to keep the hospital infrastructure and patient-facing systems running during the month-long strike.

  • Data center operations and relocations
  • IT strategic plans
  • Recruiting
  • Training
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