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Andrea Calhoun
Program Manager

Andrea Calhoun

Andrea is the Program Manager for one of the Tax Preparation teams at JDA TSG. She is responsible for building her team, coaching, and driving attainment of KPIs.

Based on her experience, Andrea knows that the most important project outcomes are those that provide support, camaraderie, and growth. When individuals feel valued, connected, and enriched professionally, an atmosphere of genuine positivity flows. “Can-do” attitudes become infectious and an environment conducive to cooperation and collaboration is established. The entire organization wins.

Andrea developed her approach to problem solving while she was teaching, attending graduate school, and raising her daughters as a single parent. Since she wanted to give 100% to all her roles, she learned a lot about problem solving.

She learned to focus on the fact that her decisions impact those around her, meaning that approaching a problem from one perspective isn’t enough. Andrea understands that the way she approaches problem-solving matters as much as the solution itself, and she takes a collaborative and cooperative approach to solving problems.

For her tax clients, Andrea focuses on staying current on all tax legislation, compliance, tax reporting, and more. She knows that clients have challenges because tax laws change so frequently. Andrea double-checks every solution to ensure that she’s providing the best possible advice.

Andrea lives in the Dallas-Area and enjoys traveling, reading, completing DIY projects, and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys learning new things and mastering new skills and considers herself to be a life-long learner.

  • Tax preparation
  • Technology
  • Tax representation
  • Training
  • Process Development Management

As a tax professional and enrolled agent:

  • Promoted three times in one year to the position of Director of Tax Planning

As an educator:

  • Multiple awards as the exceptional classroom teach of the year
  • Appointed to chair several special projects
  • Appointed departmental lead