You Know Your Customer Success Strategy
Now Access the Resources to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Each touch point in the long customer journey is as important as the last to keep the customer loyal. But there are three big challenges holding back customer success teams today:  

  • Economic uncertainty. Your strategy is sound. Your metrics are improving. Your customers are happy. Then…economic uncertainty creeps in and you must make changes. To your strategy. To your operations. To your team. We help scale your team up and down, improve processes and workflow and advise and execute operational improvements to help you adapt to any business climate.  
  • Lack of access to specialized talent. Your organization provides a complex product or service that requires a customer success team with technical expertise to provide the appropriate level of support. Attracting and retaining that talent is expensive and time-consuming. JDA TSG acts as an extension of your organization, managing and optimizing teams to maximize your overall output.   
  • Hiccups with automation: Automation is everywhere, streamlining many business processes. But there are some functions within customer success that simply cannot be done effectively when automated. In these instances, a human element is necessary. We understand this push and pull to find efficiency and help you find balance. 

Which challenge are you tackling? JDA TSG is here to help smooth out friction and find the right mix of resources. We have helped some of the biggest brands in the world manage their customer success teams with a mix of in-house and outsourced resources aligned to their unique goals.  

Let’s establish greater agility across your customer success org. 


JDA TSG is a professional services firm focused exclusively on the highly specialized need for human intervention along the digital customer journey. 

We partner with some of the elite brands in the world, developing and managing teams of specialized practitioners, technical experts and Cx consultants to navigate the complex interactions between digital and human touch points. 

Whether it’s mitigating friction in the customer journey, building operational processes to empower employees, or augmenting technical support teams, JDA TSG experts have been there in the trenches and now pass on that knowledge to our global clients. 

We are an end-to-end service, managing the recruitment, training, and operations of our teams, working in close coordination to ensure our performance is linked to your success.